Again, Rachel, Marian Keyes

Cover of Again, Rachel by Marian Keyes.

I feel like this long-awaited sequel and its OG text, Rachel’s Holiday, should be set texts for anyone investigating addiction, whether addicts, those in recovery, friends and family or professionals. I’m sure there are lots of very long and very serious books about the topic that cite important medical discoveries and all the rest, but why drown in one of those when you can dive into Marian Keyes?

For a long time I did read mostly serious books, and only did my first Marian last year, after the wise counsel of many trusted reader friends. I don’t mean that I only read long non fiction books about science or medical research or addiction, but that writers like Marian Keyes had been presented to me as flimsy, lightweight, drop-in-the-pool type material, and not the type of thing to interest someone with academic interests such as myself. What a shame I have missed out on her for all these years.

I kicked off with Grown Ups last January (2021) then listened to Rachel’s Holiday in October, another first, as I hadn’t listened to a whole novel before. And, oh! The joy of listening to Marian read her own work is incomparable. 

The launch of sequel Again, Rachel, 25 years later, felt as big an event as a royal wedding, so far be it from me to tell you about Rachel and the Walsh family and Luke Costello (such a ride). Go discover them for yourselves.

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