Rest is Resistance, Tricia Hersey


February 2023

This might be the book of my life. It’s certainly the book my life needs, now and every day. Tricia Hersey has made resting a political project, a form of physical resistance with which African Americans can claim back their bodies and process the trauma of their ancestors, but which she generously extends to all of us who need to rest and resist the fallout of Capitalism.

There are so many good quotes in the book. Every line is a keeper. Here are a few, related specifically to social media, which is where my head is at right now in terms of limiting use to improve my life:

“The goal is for you to keep on scrolling until you become a consumer. We are not resting because we are online for hours and hours a day, distracted and exhausted.”

“An exodus and potential detox from these platforms are our north star.”

I don’t feel radicalised by the book, I feel reminded that my views are radical - that I have been fighting to escape this system my whole life - but it is stronger than I am! I will continue to desire expensive wallpaper and fetishise out-of-reach lifestyles despite having a lack of respect for the types of work that bring these beautiful walls and ways of living. It is soothing to be reminded that it is not all my fault!

I wrote about Tricia’s approach in a personal essay for The i Paper on my lack of ambition, or refusal to follow an office-bound career path. The book is brilliant, and she’s publishing some flashcards next month that would make an excellent gift - to yourself!

I listened to Rest is Resistance and I think this is the best way to understand it as Tricia narrates it herself and really embodies her own words