Went to London, Took the Dog, Nina Stibbe


November 2023

Nina Stibbe returns to north London from Devon, with her trusty dog, once her children have grown up and her marriage has broken down. This memoir is a playful account of Nina’s excursions in and among literary London, a warm tale of time reconnecting with her young adult children who both now live in the capital, an exploration of finding new life in middle age through, in part, returning to old friends, and deathly funny at every turn. I guess this last part explains how Stibbe keeps hold of all her friends when she’s also writing about them with her obviously filtered but still acutely honest wit.

If you loved the diaries of her time nannying for MK in Love, Nina….you guessed it, you’ll love this just as much. Maybe I love it more because I too was rent asunder from my one true love - north London - after having a child, and hope to return one day. Preferably with my husband.

There’s an amazing half price deal on the hardback in Waterstones at the moment - £8.49