Oyster Isles, Bobby Graves

book cover of Oyster Isles, by Bobby Groves.

I wrote this piece about Oyster Isles by Bobby Graves for The i Paper.

Bobby is ‘head of oysters’ at the Chiltern Firehouse and its US sister hotels and raced around the UK and Ireland on his motorbike exploring our oyster culture.

He believes oyster aquaculture is a really important part of our efforts to clean up the oceans, so I’m going to be reading more on that.

I loved reading Oyster Isles. The way Bobby evokes the natural world of estuaries, rivers and oceans is dreamy, and returning toit was like a sweet cup of tea and a good biscuit in the mid-afternoon. He was a joy to talk to as well. To be honest I assumed he hadn’t written this because it was too good, but once I spoke to him I was convinced.