The Book You Want Everyone You Love To Read, Philippa Perry


October 2023

Follow up to psychologist Philippa Perry’s hugely successful book for parents, which I’ve re-read a few times in the ongoing struggle to be a half decent mother and not resort to a life of endless yelling. 

This book convinced me that in an ongoing argument with Ben, I am right. For that I shall be forever grateful.

I have been chasing her for an interview, but I did get this piece on ‘diaphobia’ out of the book (still hoping for an interview).

Diaphobia, a little-used term, is what Perry calls the epidemic of people refusing to listen to anyone else who disagrees with/shares different views to them. I suspect it’s her way of saying she’s fed up with cancel culture, as it’s so limiting to growth.

I really enjoyed speaking to other therapists to get their take on diaphobia. It IS terrifying to hear others spout views that make you retch. But shutting them out won’t make them disappear. They can flourish while you’re hiding.

Hilda Burke brought up how our mobile phones permit so much bad behaviour, such as blocking people for the slightest transgression. I’ve only thought about blocking someone recently - I very nearly did - but realised I can’t avoid them in real life, anyway. So gotta deal.

I was sent this book for work. I’ll be honest it’s a slim volume for the hardback price of £18.99, but is bright pink and green and will look really good on your shelves