The Secret of Cooking, Bee Wilson


September 2023

It’s such a shame that this book caused me so much stress. But it did.

I pitched a piece on using it to guide Ben to cook more. After my pitch had been accepted, it turned out that Ben hadn’t meant to agree and then he had a meltdown over me forcing him to appear in the paper. It’s true that as I care so little about slinging any old image of me into print, I’ve forgotten that not everyone feels the same way.

Anyway, he came round. But then I had the most excruciating experience getting through to the right person in the press office, not helped whatsoever by a very long string of people who might have.

So I hope you enjoy the book, because there are plenty of great recipes and essays and ideas for luring the unconverted to the kitchen.

Hope you enjoy reading about our domestic ‘kitchen wars’ here!